About Raymond

The RayAsta Foundation was founded in memory of Raymond Jonathon Astaphan, the third son of Jennifer L. and Reginald A. Astaphan.

Raymond was a young, promising medical student, who was eighteen months away from graduating and being a doctor eventually specializing in neurology. He had completed his first degree in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Toronto in 2012. His life was prematurely taken in a vehicular collision in Miami on May 28th, 2015 at a time when he was finalizing electives to begin his rotation at St. John’s Hospital in New York after Miami.

With a strong desire to honor his memory, his mom Jennifer started the RayAsta Foundation. A foundation, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica which will focus on a specific area of neuroscience and neurology, by providing state of the
art, high-quality ancillary services for Stroke patients in Dominica and in the Region.

The Dominica China Friendship Hospital is currently under construction, and it is envisaged that the new building will have improved technical capability to screen, test and diagnose illnesses. The healing success of stroke patients, particularly the timely ability for rehabilitation within 48 hours of the stroke event, hinges on access to immediate rehabilitation therapies which are critical success factors for complete functional recovery.

Dominica does not offer formal programs specifically targeted to serve those affected by sudden stroke.  The outcomes of patients are therefore limited, and full recovery is usually marginal.  Often, patients travel to other facilities regionally and internationally for medical services, creating significant outflows of foreign currency from Dominica.

By creating a center of excellence and delivering quality services for stroke patients,
The RayAsta Stroke & Rehabilitation Center will be renowned locally and regionally for its superior high quality services benchmarked against measurable goals and positive patient outcomes.